And at the end of the sixth day there was much fluctuation in the miasmic wake of the Lord’s wondrous creation. As He rested above, the rigid pieces of lithosphere, the plates embedded deep below the Earth’s crust, those upon which the very axis of this new fervid civilization would flourish, groaned and shifted, producing seismic geomorphological shudders. Great areas of virgin landmass were ripped asunder, creating vast and disparate terrains. Wild purple mists clung to the oxygenating air. Syrupy seas bubbled like volcanic lava. Thick, aggressive roots sprouted from the clayey ground, opening great chasms in crumbling rock. Infinitesimal insect-like creatures were borne upon the fertile breeze, propagating, evolving at rapid speeds, some wing-like and airbourne, others tumbling to the soil, until the great open spaces were populated by all kinds of strange and useful creatures.

Off yonder there sprung a beautiful garden made up of wild flowers in the most striking of kaleidoscopic hues; blooms that rose elegantly from the rich dark soil. As focal point, a great tree shot from the ground; a tree of knowledge; its branches abundant with shiny fruits. Beneath this tree appeared two fully formed flesh and bone humans, a man and woman with long tangled hair, created in His own image. And it would be from the loins of these two earthly progenitors that He hoped this paradise would perpetuate His glory.

Yet He knew in his boundless wisdom that from such beauty would come many evil forms capable of wreaking terrible deeds. He knew of the antithetic forces concomitant with all worthy acts, and the inevitability of their entrance into this world. For how can Faith be true and worthy if not tested?

And on the herald of the seventh day, as these ceaseless wonders unceasingly thrived, there crawled from the dissipating primordial stew, a misshapen, repulsive creature, the first fully formed representation of this evil. Neither man nor beast, this steaming, wriggling lump of scarred bloody flesh, stinking of the bowels from which it had just been spewed, writhed and spat, frothed and belched in hideous throes of metamorphosis.

Gradually, a head, limbs and twisted, oversized genitalia grew from out of the creature’s inner core. From the malformed skull sprouted thick wiry hairs. From the face two eyes in narrow squinty slits, flickering and malevolent. From the mouth a set of sharp crooked teeth. Hunched of back, its long arms dangling close to the ground, the creature stretched and rolled its neck, growled and clawed at the air, testing the capabilities of its hulking body.

Monkey-like, on all fours, this wretched misrepresentation bounded across the freshly formed expanse, tearing at the beautiful flowers, ripping plants from the ground, attacking any creature it came upon, slashing its throat open and greedily drinking its blood. Lustful now, fully aware of its emerging power, it mounted the larger animals, forcing its erect member into unknowing and unwilling orifices, committing countless bestial acts, impregnating common beasts with a demonic seed.

Onwards the creature pillaged until reaching the gates of the Lord’s beautiful garden. There he saw the two naked progenitors, frolicking amongst the long grass, laughing and touching each other’s bodies with a curious, loving tenderness.

Smashing its way through the gates, the creature trampled more beautiful rainbow-coloured flowers underfoot. It attacked every animal in its path, leaving the sacred ground strewn with bloodied corpses–a trail of destruction in creation’s wake.

As the creature closed in on the man and woman, still entwined beneath the tree of wisdom, it picked up swollen fruit from the ground, those that had fallen from the tree’s branches. When it bit through the hard skin and swallowed the soft inner fruit, it found that it too had the gift of speech.

‘You!’ it shouted. The two lovers jolted upright. ‘I come into your garden with much ferocious hostility raging in my breast. I come to kill you, my peerless brother. And when you are dead, I will take your woman and impregnate her with a seed already disseminating in the wombs of countless beasts.’

‘Hush, you monster of the night,’ said the man, getting to his feet. ‘We are truly God’s most divine creations. It is from our love that this earthly paradise will be populated, not from the seed of such a base, ugly creature as yourself.’

From behind the tree of wisdom slithered a great snake:

‘He speaks the truth, vile one,’ it said, rising up. ‘Go from here. This is the Garden of Eden. You should not have entered through His gates.’

With incredible speed, power and alacrity, the creature lurched forward, grabbed the snake in its talon-like hands, and ripped its head clean from its wriggling body.

‘Now do you understand?’ it said to the man and woman. ‘Now do you understand the true nature of my power?’ It tossed what was left of the snake aside. ‘And that there is nothing you can do to stop me.’

The woman stepped forward.

‘Go away from here,’ she cried. ‘You know not what you are doing.’

‘Silence,’ shouted the creature. ‘Only when you feel my great organ inside you, woman, will I permit another sound to leave your mouth.’

Leaping upon God’s first man, it pounded him mercilessly, using its great fists to obliterate those delicately chiselled features, reducing him to no more than a bloody, shapeless pulp.

Then the creature forced himself upon the woman, tearing into her, twisting her body this way and that, until she truly did scream out, only in pain not pleasure.

‘If you do exactly as I tell you,’ hissed the creature, ‘you will truly be rewarded.’

Back stiff, howling and writhing, he dispatched his seed into her womb, a seed which defied all natural biological laws. Before their eyes, in a matter of seconds, her soft belly swelled and swelled, her waters broke, her thighs parted and the head of one child then another forced its way out from deep inside of her, until laid upon the grass were screaming baby boys. In turn, their infanthood, childhood, young manhood, a score of years passed, until they stood before their violated mother and the creature that had ravaged her as fully-grown men.

They looked at each other in confusion.

‘My offspring,’ said the creature, feeling its strength suddenly ebbing away, ‘there can be but room for only one true man on this earth…Therefore, one of you must kill the other, and then impregnate your mother until this world is full of the evil we truly represent…until you are king of everything your survey…until you are untouchable, even to the Lord Himself.’

‘No,’ said their mother. ‘Only if you resist these impulses will you be at one with the glory of God.’

But the promise of untold riches and power was too much for the firstborn boy. Grabbing a rock from beneath the tree of wisdom, he smite a blow to the back of his brother’s head, a blow which killed him instantly.

‘Now,’ said the creature, gasping for breath, but with a smile twisting its mouth. ‘Only if a man has no limitations, if he adheres to no common code, no set of retarded morals, will he be able to ascend to the level of his creator. Go forward, my son. Let nothing stand in your way. If your being desireth anything, then take it, do not be held back, slaken your thirst, satisfy your appetites, consort with each and every creature that arouses your passion…be not told what to do, be above all earthly restriction.’

A great clap of thunder reverberated, followed by a flash of lightning and an incredibly heavy downpour of rain.

Brandishing a fist, the dying creature looked up to the sky.

‘You see, My Lord. I have done everything on this earth I wanted to do, and now my son is born there is nothing you can do to stop us.’

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